For over a year, I have been working on a project that has truly challenged and stretched my capabilities in new and exciting ways. I was part of a creative team who partnered with South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) to launch a national brand…and it was a lot of fun.

The for-profit arm of South Carolina Hospital Association previously known as Healthcare Staffing Services (HSS) was rebranded as Qualivis. This rebrand was necessary to further align the goals of HSS positioning the new Qualivis as a national provider of healthcare workforce solutions. 

This process involved lots of teams and thought leadership including internal staff at SCHA, internal staff at HSS, external thought leaders like Tim Floyd who was the former Creative Director from Palmetto Health, Cathy Sams who was the Chief Information Officer at Clemson University and the team at Gray Digital Group for the digital research and overhaul. There were lots of smart people working extremely hard to bring this brand to life.

Bottomline, Qualivis helps hospitals with supplemental staff majority of which are traveling nurses. Qualivis is growing with larger goals to help hospitals with so many more workforce solutions, many of which include nurses. This all began as a workforce grant by The Duke Endowment back in 2001 as they were on the forefront recognizing the upcoming nursing shortage. My mom graduated from Clemson’s Nursing Program in 1990 while I was in high school. I remember the sleepless nights as she studied then get up for work and get us out to school.

My mom is now a nurse practitioner and because of this, I have a passion for the nursing profession. She raised me and my sister as a staff nurse at Greenville Health System. My mom embodies this new company name.

The Qualivis name was a created name combing three tenants: Quality, Life and Vision.

Quality – Provide top, quality talent simply and affordably nationwide.

Life – Fill critical gaps and provide better work-life balance improving the workforce culture.

Vision – Help facilities plan for the workforce challenges of tomorrow — today.

If you combine the three…you find Qualivis. 

It was my job to help tell the Qualivis story! As I thought about each one of those tenants, I thought about my mother and her life as a nurse. I thought about how she worked hard to provide quality care to the patients she served, her commitment to a work-life balance with two children at home, and her vision for the future as she prepared for the workforce of tomorrow.

I took this story and brought it to life through video. When you watch these videos, you will see my mother’s path in the nurse showcased in the videos.

I hope you walk away knowing there are nurses out there every day striving to bring quality healthcare to you as a patient; they not only believe in their patients but also committed to their families as they balance work and life, and they believe in quality healthcare for tomorrow.

As we celebrate nurses week, I celebrate the following:

  • The numerous nurses that took care of Rose, George and Henry at both AnMed Health and Greenville Health System.
  • The numerous nurses that took care of Sarah when she gave birth to our children.
  • The numerous nurses that took care of me over the many years inside and outside of the hospital.
  • The nurses of hospice who provided quality care at the bedside when many of my family members passed away.
  • The numerous nurses I have encountered as a healthcare communicator across the hundreds of hospitals I have visited in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.
  • My sister who is a nurse at Medical University of South Carolina.
  • My mother who raised two children while going back to school to complete her BSN, then going back to school to complete her MSN and FNP, then retiring and still has the calling to serve patients in South Carolina.

We should be so honored to be served by quality nurses like my mother, my sister, the thousands of nurses in South Carolina, and the thousands of nurses Qualivis helps place in thirteen states across the country. 

Happy Nurses Week…we should be celebrating you all year long.