Road Trip Preps

So here we go again, the Road Trip continues in November. All of the meetings are complete, supplies have been bought, and the distinguishing long sleeve Road Trip shirts have been handed out, light blue I might add.

The only question now is, I wonder if the higher powers have decided between Oatmeal Cream Pies or Moon Pies as the snack item for the RV? I voted to for both! TV people need to properly nourished for a long days work. We are putting on a two hour show starting at 4:30 pm. Remember to tune in early!

Now to the “behind the scenes stuff”! I think we have spent more time grimacing over the fact that sun is going to be setting a lot quicker during the month of November.

Did everyone remember to set their clocks back? That extra hour of sleep was quite nice! Anyways, since the sun is setting earlier, this means more lights, more work, and more needed room in the Ryder truck for all this extra equipment.

Oh…by the way, I think I have been demoted from driving the fully decked RV to driving the Ryder truck that hauls all of the equipment. I wonder who is the lucky Road Tripper that gets to enjoy the exquisite accommodations that Tom Johnson RV has provided? I would say they are liven LARGE!

Back off my tangent, both (RV and the Ryder truck along with rest of WCNC caravan) are driven daily to all the locations. The RV has all the snacks, cozy recliners, queen size bed, and get this…granite countertops. WOW! The only accommodation left that a 6NEWS Road Tripper might want is a washer and dryer. Oh yeah…it has that too! Click here to take a look at the RV. It will give you an idea where all of the decisions are made and the plan is masterfully created for your viewing pleasure!

Well, I hope that I will see everyone in Baxter tonight. Halloween is always a big hit in that neighborhood. Bring a jacket and the Halloween spirit. I’m bringing a new pair of running shoes; since I am one of the Road Trip Photographers…we are always running all over the place to get the best shots. Come out and watch all the running!


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