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Importance of Empathy & Relationship Management

Since the middle part of March 2020, we have been committed to remain open, serve our clients, and become more intentional on the way we communicant with all our business relationships. These relationships have been the core reason why we have been able to stay open as a business, serve our clients and our community.

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Message from Bobby Rettew: COVID-19 Response

I wanted to take a few minutes to send a message to all of our clients, partners, friends, and family members.

We are here, we are essential as professional communicators, and we are moving forward! 

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[Intersection Podcast] Episode 37: Print Ain’t Dead – John Garrett

Is printing newspapers a dead enterprise? You better ignore the national narrative because John Garrett has a message you want to hear. John Garrett started Community Impact Newspaper from the game room of his home with his wife and best friend, Jennifer. The belief that everyone—not just the insiders—should know what is happening in their own backyard. This prompted him to leave a news giant and start his own news organization…print first.

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