Ken Scar has to be one of the most fascinating and talented photojournalists I have met, and I have only spent a few hours with him. Ken is a man of many passions! He loves his country, he loves his family, has a renewed desire to live life to the fullest, and he is an amazing storyteller.

Ken’s path to Clemson University is an amazing journey, one that refined his craft during his time in Afghanistan during his tour with the Army as a photojournalist. His craft was challenged, but those experiences have shaped the way he captures stories today. Clemson’s long military history was a natural fit for Ken’s expertise as found himself capturing and sharing more and more Clemson military stories including Colonel Ben Skardon.

Ken’s story is one of many intersections…one of transparency that allowed him to tell his story. Admitting you wanted to commit suicide is tough, writing those words is even tougher, but telling your own story comes as we find more wisdom in our life. Ken’s wisdom and path as a photojournalist has brought voice to the reality that we all have a story to tell. Here is the question, are we willing to tell it? I hope you enjoy part two of Ken’s story!

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