3C’s Case Study: Community: Importance of Empathy & Relationship Management

Creativity | Community | Clients: 3C’s Case Study
This is a 3C’s Case Study examining the importance of empathy when managing relationships during this stressful time period of COVID-19 and the global pandemic.

Since the middle part of March 2020, we have been committed to remain open, serve our clients, and become more intentional on the way we communicant with all our business relationships. These relationships have been the core reason why we have been able to stay open as a business, serve our clients and our community.

This commitment has come with many challenges which includes many of these relationships have experienced a heightened level of stress. Let’s face it, this time period has been hard! Many businesses have closed, many people have lost jobs, many people have gotten extremely sick, and we are all stressed.

This heightened stress has impacted how we communicate with each other, especially given the lack of in-person communication. We are now dependent upon virtual means from the asynchronous technology like email, testing, and social media; and the synchronous technologies like ZOOM, Teams, phone calls, etc. Distance has been put between business relationships and distance has created more tension on an already tense time period.

This podcast episode is dedicated to this discussion. Bobby Rettew and Mark Berry talk about how they are managing their own stress, communication with their partners and client, along with their complete focus of making sure everything we deliver is beyond expectations.