Building the Arsenal: Real Estate Home Buy Tips

If you have e every met my friend Tammy Woodbury, she is an amazing real estate guru and has a passion for people. She leads a wonderful team called the Clever People, I hope you check them out!

She is also an amazing client who has bought into the idea of telling her story using video. One area we have enjoyed helping her create are a series of “Homebuying 101” videos used as tips to educate and empower individuals trying to find a home. There is not only power in telling your story, but also power in creating the arsenal of rich media content. At any point in time, she has a great series of videos to share with her clients, answering any question or concern and allowing them to consume on their own terms.

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Storytelling with Physician and Provider Bios

Some of the fun projects we get to work on here at Rettew Creative are capturing and creating physician/provider video/image bios for health systems’ digital presence. Here are a few pictures from our time with AnMed Health capturing their provider stories.

How is this digital storytelling? Well, just a little insight. The patient/consumer has become a central driver in the way health systems create their digital platforms which include physician/provider pages.

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Importance of Empathy & Relationship Management

Since the middle part of March 2020, we have been committed to remain open, serve our clients, and become more intentional on the way we communicant with all our business relationships. These relationships have been the core reason why we have been able to stay open as a business, serve our clients and our community.

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