Building the Arsenal: Real Estate Home Buy Tips

If you have e every met my friend Tammy Woodbury, she is an amazing real estate guru and has a passion for people. She leads a wonderful team called the Clever People, I hope you check them out!

She is also an amazing client who has bought into the idea of telling her story using video. One area we have enjoyed helping her create are a series of “Homebuying 101” videos used as tips to educate and empower individuals trying to find a home. There is not only power in telling your story, but also power in creating the arsenal of rich media content. At any point in time, she has a great series of videos to share with her clients, answering any question or concern and allowing them to consume on their own terms.

Check them out below!

Also…we loved helping her create the “Understanding Real Estate” video series. These videos were lots of fun and we were able to capture each of these playlists (above and below) in a few video sessions. We worked with Tammy to create a series of topics we would discuss, then break them down into “bite size” pieces or topics. Each of these topics became 90 second videos captured in a few video sessions. We were able to capture close to 20 different video pieces in a four hour video recording session. Planning the production was key to the strategy, which led to lots of video content for Tammy to leverage.