Storefront Stories Update and Commitment to the Downtown Anderson Story

I never imagined what we would find when we started the Storefront Stories project and it has been an amazing journey since we recorded the first one on Tuesday, April 22nd.

In close to one month since we launched the sign-up form on; we started with this idea of capturing Downtown Anderson business stories sharing their experiences during COVID-19, a global pandemic, and how it has impacted our downtown Anderson main street.
What we found…is amazing!

Many businesses have been forced to close. Many have tried to find ways to keep moving forward. Many have taken the time to refocus. And many have taken the time to even remodel and rebrand.

Each business has experience this time period differently and it has been amazing the vulnerability shown by the business owners sharing tears of joy, sadness, and gratitude for this community that they love.
To date, we have had 23 businesses sign-up. We have captured 14 of those business stories and we are still working to schedule each one that has filled out the form on!
We are thankful for the sharing, thankful for the friendships forged, and most thankful for the friendships gained. We hope these Storefront Stories inspire you that indeed, Anderson is truly #AndersonStrong.

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