We all need a little more Ken Scar in our lives. He is a man with unbelievable authenticity that transcends from his personal life into the work that he loves so much, telling great stories. I have met many great storytellers in my life, none more highly decorated than Ken.

Ken’s story is more than the amazing moments he has captured with his cameras. Ken’s story runs deeper beyond his time serving this great country. Ken has battled some of the hardest battles in his personal life that nearly drove him to suicide. What he found in the army in the heat of an ambush was his desire to live.

Ken Scar is the face of the brave, a man who breaks down barriers as he tells stories for Clemson University. But for this podcast, he breaks down his own barriers and shares his battle with depression, mental illness, divorce, almost dying in combat, and his desire to live…to live life with his kids and continue to capture and share more stories. Here is part one of our conversation.

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