On the road again…

Can you believe it is November, it seems like yesterday we were at Lake Wylie for our last Road Trip stop this past May.

Well, I could definitely tell it had been a few months since we had gotten together to put on a show for everyone. As you know, we have added Road Trip Extra, our 30 minute show before our regularly scheduled newscast. It was a new challenge…one that I am glad we spent much thought in our meetings.
What you guys and gals don’t realize is that every photographer has to be mobile to bring you all our hosts (Chris, Sonja, Terri, Chuck, & Mike) from different spots within our location.

For instance, at the beginning of the show Monday, two photographers had to shoot the opening with Chris, introducing us to Baxter. One wide shot – set the scene shot – and one on Chris. After Chris was done with his introduction, one of those photographers had to breakdown and head 50 yards away with Terri to bring you the weather in front on the Baxter Town Hall. This “re-organization” has to happen in less than two minutes. Fun, huhh? Now imagine that scenario for a whole two hours…a lot of tangled cable and worn out legs! Well, since it has been six months since last Road Trip, it took us a little while to get back in to the swing of things! Click here for photos from Baxter.

Well, Tuesday we will be a Cirque du Soleil in Concord for their Varekai performance, all starting at 4:30. It is going to be fun and a bit challenging for the Road Trip Crew to put on a show under the big top…see you there!


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