When things go wrong…

So it just felt like when those final seconds ticked off the clock and sense of relief calms your nerves, a victory.

You wonder how a W in the win column happened after three interceptions, four fumbles, and negative rushing yards. I guess it falls on good ole fashion defense and gut check that allowed you to remember, your experience will take over. And it will be the overriding fundamental that keeps the administration and fans happy, the win…the one thing that makes the disgusting road to victory seem irrelevant. It’s just a win no matter how it happened.

Tuesday will be a day to remember. For our viewers, no one probably noticed the sense of panic and frustration that was the underlying irrelevance of a clean show. The fact of the matter is, well…we didn’t go to black, no one said an inappropriate line, and a camera didn’t crash to the ground. Mike was just as funny as always, Sonja’s calm demeanor was ever so present, Terri once again found a solution, and Chuck stretched his RV tour like a true sports anchor! As our leader and road mom, Allison Andrews felt the most stress as she could not communicate to her talent during the ‘pick your favorite microphone’ scenario continued until…until…well, until…ONE FINALLY WORKED! Good ole fashion wireless technology coupled with the same mind set when you forget where you set your keys, except this time the keys are actually microphones. Oh, by the way…we only have less than a second to get the right microphone so someone could talk, LIVE! Did I ever mention I love live TV!

And when the debacle was over, we still looked clean on air and the average viewer at home probably didn’t even know it happened. And if they did, they probably thought it was scripted and it made for great television. We walked away, wondering how we got the W…and still tried to figure out how the microphones got mixed up! We were quiet, no one blaming anyone but ourselves, wondering how we fueled this flame. And like a true head coach, our trusty leader took us into our own personal locker room (the RV) and proceeded to do what all great head coaches do…explain the night’s events and reassure us that we are a team, we worked well as a team, and we prevailed as a team…and when it comes down to it, the show must go on!

What was it that brought on the strange karma? Was it the purple lip sheets used to protect the leather in the RV? Was it the fact that the sun is setting differently, or was it that I haven’t even touched the Moon Pies yet and focused solely on the oatmeal cream pies? I think it was none of the above, the planets lined up perfectly Tuesday night to actually collide. And no matter how hard we worked, we couldn’t get the people Mike was trying interview – with the multiple microphones – to speak English. Cirque du Soleil is staffed with predominately French speaking people, since the show is based out of Canada.

The bottom line is this, a win is a win and the show went well! And only the staff of the Road Show will have stories to tell, but to the audience and the managers…it’s a good ole fashion victory. Wednesday’s kickoff is 4:30 pm at the Renaissance Festival, and the Road Show Extra show will begin a new day’s challenge!


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