How about an Apprentice or two for the Road Trip?

I was wondering what would happen if the next project for the Apprentice would be to put on a Road Trip Show for WCNC-TV. Could you imagine replacing our crew (outside of the talent – Chris, Sonya, Terri, Chuck, and Mike) with the Apprentice cast? The task would be specific, choose a location to put on the Road Show and the crew that has the most viewers wins! Haaaaa, they would SINK! It would be like last week’s episode where the group that put together a baseball display at Dick’s Sporting Goods and actually brought sales down by thirty-four percent. But the best part about this idea is that the process that would un-fold while preparing, directing, producing and actually shooting live television would make for some GREAT TV!

I can just see the debacle that would un-fold. One group would come-up with some lame idea for a stop that would sound good in the planning room but would be plain out boring television. I can see it now; they would choose a nature preserve with beautiful wildlife. A place where families and elementary schools come for an education experience…and no one shows up, and all they are left with is a room full of boring experts! In between the uhmmms and uhhs you could here the clicking of the remote control. CLICK, CLICK, CLICK.

The other group would probably choose a cool idea like a sporting event. This would actually be the best one for television, not because of the idea but because it would be a logistical nightmare! They would have ten different places to showcase and not enough cable to reach…only if the cable gods were with them that day! Oh…they would drag out the cable, but bust there butts trying to get from the interview of a coach on the floor to the interview with general manager in the suite. I can see that one camera, running with cable attached, up a huge flight of stairs and bust while running through the stands. Then you would see the project manager in the production truck screaming on their headset while Carolyn is in the background shaking her head, not trying to laugh. This could be great television.

And at the end of the day, they would go to the board room and the group that covered the sporting event would obtain a bigger audience, and the Donald would look at the other group and ask, “Whose idea was it to choose the Nature Preserve?” He would then say, “Even I know great TV, and that is not definitely great TV! YOU’RE ALL FIRED!!! As for the winning group, you all get one night stay in the lovely accommodations provided by Tom Johnson’s RV. You will be eating exquisite BBQ while sitting on leather chairs covered with purple lips, and have either moon-pies or oatmeal cream pies for desert. Go Enjoy!!!”

Well, let me tell you that last night was great TV at the Pep Rally in Matthews. Two sides with dueling bands and dueling cheerleaders! There was lots of action including two cheerleader teams trying to out acrobat each other. I was just waiting for one those girls to face plant into the asphalt. Well, apparently you – our viewers – thought it was great TV because a lot more of you tuned in to check out the spectacle! Well, tune in today at 4:30pm for Road Trip Extra as we head to the Furniture Mart in Hickory, and for those of you in Hickory…come on out for the largest furniture sale in North Carolina!


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