What I’m thankful for…

It has been a while since I sat down and jammed out another edition to Bobby’s Blog. For all you faithful readers, I have taken on a new name on this Road Trip…Bloggy. My real name is Robert Alan Rettew, Jr. and my father decided I looked like a Bobby when I popped out into this crazy world. Well, now Bobby has morphed into Bloggy…hmm, not sure about the sound of that, but I guess it will work? Now, let’s get back to the heart of the matter. Last week was absolutely crazy…and I mean weird, wacky crazy. From Biltmore to Mooresville then the South Park Tree lighting…we needed a day to enjoy family, food, and REST. Well, actually more food than rest. And as my family sat around the table we each took a turn sharing what we are thankful for…and it occurred to me to do the same for this edition of Bobby’s Blog.

Oh…where do I begin??? Hmm, I would have to begin how thankful I am for the many friends we have made along the way on each stop. It all started in Baxter…I never thought we would have so many people show up for Halloween. If you can only imagine all the different people from all the different cities that stuck their neck out, open their parking lots, cooked us food, and made sure we had all the necessary tools to make television magic!

It is still up for debate who loves us more…those Shelby people or the Gastonia people??? Alright, I am done being sentimental for a while. Let’s talk about what I am really thankful for, so buckle up.

I am really thankful that last week is over! Wow, the tree lighting was one long day. So long that I didn’t even have a chance to get my new Digital Canon D20 out to capture the madness. If people only knew what it took to actually get that day started, it would blow their minds. Just imagine three sets of “PR” people from three separate groups trying to make sure we park in three different spots. Three hours later we had displaced enough grass to sod a new single family home. I am still wondering if we are going to receive the bill for the trench the satellite truck dug while trying to park for the third and final time?

I am especially thankful for Friday and our visit to the new Northlake Mall. Let me clarify, I am thankful that Momma Bloggy was able to join the crew for a day while visiting during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Did she ever get an eye awakening moment! We pulled every bit of cable we had to get inside that mall and finished that last little bit of tape – which helped cover the cable so hundreds of thousands of eager shoppers wouldn’t trip and sue the pants of WCNC-TV. Momma Bloggy got to witness the Mike Redding antics as he laid flat on the floor of the mall, pretending he was exhausted from shopping. He was actually exhausted from being the only on-air talent that has been running from one side of a location to the other in less than 30 seconds…by the end of the Road Trip; he will be fully trained for the Boston Marathon.

So what else am I thankful for…hmm, let me think? Oh yeah…I still have one more final thought concerning the little wager between Chuck and I!

If most of you remember, Chuck lost a “little wager” when USC lost to Clemson two weekends ago. Yep, he bet his faithful colleague – me, Bloggy (who is a Clemson Grad…GO TIGERS). And being a man of his word, he did his sports last Tuesday night during the Mooresville Parade in a BRIGHT ORANGE jacket! While moaning and groaning (as any loyal USC fan would do) he explained the wager – with the help of Terri and Mike – and reminded us all that there will always be next year! Because of Chuck’s plight, I am thoroughly thankful that it wasn’t Bloggy’s plight, wearing Gamecock paraphernalia for a solid week! PUKE! Ohhh…am I thankful, the thought of Garnet & Black and the word Cocks (you know GameCocks) plastered to my head just doesn’t sit well with me. I would equate this with kissing my sister, cleaning a gorilla’s toe jam, or eating beets – maybe all the above! Thank you for Chuck Howard and his dire love for USC! I will quit harassing Chuck and taking advantage of his plight…it was fun though!

And finally, I am thankful for the wonderful crew on this ole Road Trip. We spend at least twelve hours a day, five days a week together. Traveling up and down the road, dealing with the worst situations and finding a way to make them work…visually! I am thankful (get ready, here comes the sentimental stuff) for the many friendships that have evolved, especially when I get irritable and they have to deal with my nasty mood swings! I am just plain thankful for the Road Trip!


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