The Big Leap – Entrepreneurship

So you have taken the big leap to entrepreneurship. Whether you have had enough of the corporate world, found a good product or service to create or provide, been laid off and want to take control of your life, or just all of the above; you have taken the big step. Here are some thoughts about that big step…a few thoughts for success. These are not concrete, but have helped me in my journey!

1) Surrounded yourself with individuals that have the same passion and willingness to succeed!
2) Find a business mentor, that one person that has been successful and you can look to for guidance. (Success is not measured by how many companies they have created and made tons of money, but by the way they grew their business).
3) READ A LOT! Take time to find books that challenge you everyday; to inspire and motivate your ass to get up in the morning!
4) Set goals – create a set of goals for both short term and long term. This will give you something to work towards.
5) Engage with the community. Find groups that you can network with and share business. Not just networking groups, but places you can serve the greater good. I take time to engage with the Anderson Area Chamber and Clemson Business School Student Organizations. I donate my time and find this as a useful tool to keep myself in-touch with the community I am trying to serve.