Imagine this Anderson, SC

Imagine…imagine a place in Anderson, SC where people of like minds could go and congregate, to share common goals and a common vision…a place where new ideas are born, dreams are created, vision is put to paper, and the economic synergy creates an economic surplus for innovation.

Imagine an Anderson, a place where people make it a destination, one that is home for families, home for businesses, and a place that the new wave of innovators want to thrive to create the next creative class in this human economy that leads to economic vision.

Imagine an Anderson where big box organizations, educational institutions, small businesses, and the creative class of entrepreneurs paint the fresco of a thriving community that does not compete but sets the standards for tomorrow’s economic community.

Imagine leadership creating synergistic dialogue  that brings all diverse populations under one community roof where all classes of peoples can thrive, setting the national standard above the average per capita income.

What will it take to create that creative class of individuals, leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries to take that status-quo and turn into reality base vision…one that promotes quality education and community driven innovation that insures that all can not only afford a comfortable living but quality healthcare.

Where are those visionaries…where are those entrepreneurs…those innovators…those buildings…that house that innovative thought is under one roof…to push and push to make Anderson a bigger and brighter place to live.

It is here…yes here…in Anderson! Where are you hiding? You want more that just the regular membership to the next networking club…the next meet and greet…you want more. You want to innovate…create…thrive…empower…and join together so that Anderson keeps those innovators right here…in Anderson.

Are you willing to drive to other cities everyday to find other innovators…other entrepreneurs…or would you like to bring those innovators right here to Anderson. Build that community of innovation, of economic vision here…so we can be the thought leaders.

It all boils down to this…it takes a few to create a movement…a synergy….a vision.

Imagine if there was one building where today’s class of innovators (here in Anderson) could all work under one roof. A place where we could be successful doing business and feeding off other entrepreneur’s energy. Imagine a place, where we could share ideas, congregate, hold seminars, and paint the picture of tomorrow’s Innovative Anderson…today.

I would want to have my business there…because I could thrive off of the innovation that naturally is created under that roof with other visionary businesses. We could help solve each other’s problems and solve the problems of others around…and allow innovation to take it’s natural course…create a more Innovative Anderson. A place where Economic Impact is directly attributed to the Anderson Innovation.

Imagine that Anderson…a thought leader in a global economy.