What does it mean to be American?

Do you see it? Can you see the detail? Look deep…take a few minutes and think…what does the face of America look like?

See…that is an interesting question. To be American does not exclude Latino’s from Central and South America. To be American does not exclude Hispanics from Mexico. To be American does not exclude Canadians. But what does it mean to be a United States American? That is the big question that we are trying to answer from building a bigger wall, providing more resources to Border Patrol and ICE, and executive orders not allowing certain individuals not enter based on income and country of origin.

To be a United States American has changed in so many ways; from those who border hop to those who have been hopped by the boarder. Yes…many land owners who used to me Mexican land owners are now land owners in both Mexico and USA. The physical wall separates these individuals from their land and ‘the wall” as an institution has limited their rights to cross on the property they rightfully own along the border.
So…what does an American look like? Well…I am not sure that we can find one face that represents all Americans. This face is the face of the working class, hard working, blue collar, willing to sacrifice anything for his family.

He is willing to travel hundreds of miles for safety, a better life for he and his family, a roof over their heads, food in their tummies, and the joy that comes with a sense of safety and peace. So…ask yourself, what does it mean to be American. Then ask yourself what it means to be a United States American. Then ask yourself…what are you willing to sacrifice for that very freedom that provides you joy for you and your family!

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