Conversation with Javier Perez from Buckner Ministries #immigration

I had the tremendous pleasure of spending time with Javier Perez from Buckner Ministries. He is from Colombia and arrived in the US on a student visa as he worked on his undergraduate degree in Texas. He now has transitioned to a work visa; along with his wife…they are fearful of the mixed timelines as they try to renew and stay to continue their work. He shared that he is concerned that under the pending executive order, he could be deported because his income level will not meet the new, pending guidelines. His salary is not considered as a high income earner to qualify, he is a minister. He shares in this meeting this question, “As Christians, is it our job to keep people out of the country or welcome into the kingdom of God?” #immigration #Canon #5dmarkiii #CanonBringIt

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