Pastor Victor Ramirez, planting a church in the Colonias. #immigration

The moment I met Victor Ramirez…I knew I wanted to capture his smile, his face, his personality! Victor is a pastor at Nuevo Vino in one of the Colonias near McAllen, TX, planting a church to help the Latino and Hispanic populations navigate this new world called USA. He was born in Mexico leaving the construction business he started because of the violence and cartels. He left it all finding his next calling to pastor families, helping them navigate the legalization process, provide them food, supplies for shelter, and a big bear hug when needed. His face has so much texture, so many wrinkles and valleys that share his story…he just makes you feel warm. His face is a beautiful…representation how Christians can serve those in need…with love. As I shook his hand one last time, he asked me to come back. I will miss my new friend and hope his ministry grows!
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