This day, this moment, I felt like I was an engineer. #ClemsonMoments

I was raised in a family where engineering as a discipline surrounded me, my father being a Mechanical Engineer and his brothers in similar disciplines. It was almost understood that I would become an engineer. This day, this moment, I felt like I was an engineer. Not because I do not have my engineering degree or because I grew-up inside the house of a engineer, but because I felt like I was right there inside this little moment in time solving a problem.

If you see what looks like a circular piece of wood being fit into a large pipe, you are seeing a major opportunity. This circular piece of wood is going to be used as a measurement tool. Clemson Engineers in Developing Countries made this trip Cange, Haiti for a few objectives; one was to learn the the amount of water flowing through this pipe. They needed to know the flow to see how much water is available to support a hydroelectric generator potentially to power the Zanmi Lasante compound in Cange, Haiti.

The water was flowing really fast and while two of the Clemson Engineering students were fitting the measurement tool into the pipe, the water overwhelmed the process. Immediately, the Haitian people that manage the pump house facility jumped int to help. Engineering is about trust, relationships, and hard work.

This moment in time showcased how two different sets of people jumped in to work together, to solve a problem; regardless of language, race, and skill set. It was a team effort. It was this moment in time that I was once again proud to be a Clemson graduate. #ClemsonMoments #Canon #5Dmkiii

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