Late night crazy, manic, thankfulness…along with a few f-bombs! #twinslife

Last night was one of the more trying nights we have experienced since coming home from the NICU. Henry cried and screamed from 12:30am until about 2:30am. This was just the beginning of my manic, nightlong experience that led to a public prayer.

We never experienced this with Rosebud, from the moment we brought her home…she was such a compliant child. 

Our schedule has been feeding them every three hours and last night after the 12am feeding, Henry just could never get settled. Sarah had burped him multiple times and his little eyes were still wide awake. As we swaddled both of them and put them down to sleep…you could tell Henry was not ready to close his eyes.

Sarah and I have been splitting the late night shifts. Both of us will feed the twins during the 12am feeding, then Sarah takes the 3am and I take the 6am. This means Sarah sleeps on the couch after the 12am shift because we are keeping them in the living room at night. I headed off to bed to get my nap until the 6am feed.

As I was laying in bed at 2am, I heard one of the twins screaming from the living room. I jumped up to see if Sarah needed help and I walked into the dark room to her holding Henry walking in circles. He seemed completely uncomfortable. He would stop crying for a few minutes then all the sudden start kicking and crying again. I am wondering if this is colic?

We have no experience with colic or a late night fussy infant. We have heard so many stories from friends that you will do just about anything to stop the crying and screaming. This happened at 2:30am. 

I remembered my Nana had purchased a baby swing for us, just like the one we used with Rosebud. It was still boxed up in the attic, off I go! I pulled down the attic stairs not worrying if I rattle the house…nothing is louder than Henry right now. I remember the box was heavy and awkward…but I picked it up and slid it down the attic stairs.

I found Sarah in the twins bedroom so that is where I headed to put this swing together. As I opened the box…I remembered all the awkward looking parts to be assembled. After fighting through the instructions and the stiff parts that seemed like they would not go together…BAM…we have a swing.

I slowly drug it to the living room where Sarah had repositioned for a new environment to calm Henry. After plugging in the swing, we laid him down, hit the button…and then…SILENCE.

I forgot how much I love these swings. Yep…the first Christmas cabin trip with Rosebud…the car was packed but I made room for that swing. It was a LIFE SAVER.

Both of us laid down, Sarah was going to let the twins sleep until they woke up one their own around 4am for their next bottles. I got back up at 7am to take over which meant I needed to feed both George and Henry…then get Rosebud up around 8am to get her ready for church.

I remembered two important things were happening right after the 7am bottles: Dallas Davenport was coming to pick up Rosebud for church and I had to prepare and lead the invocational prayer as well.

As Dallas arrived at 8:30am, I remembered how thankful I am for the large community that is helping us with the twins. I remembered I am thankful for:

I am thankful for my mom and nana who are helping with the late night feedings so we can sleep
I am thankful for the Happy Harens who take care of Rosebud and come over to help so we can nap,
I am thankful for Tim and Marlena for just jumping in to help without saying what we need
I am thankful for all the ladies of Anderson MOPS for countless meals
I am thankful for the large community at Boulevard Baptist for just being constant
I am just thankful…for the #Rettew5

This thankfulness made me think of my responsibility today…I had to say the invocational prayer.

Now….many of my friends find it interesting that a self proclaimed heathen like myself is considered a deacon at our church. I sometimes wonder how it happened, especially given the tapestry of F-Bombs at 2:30am trying to put together the swing while Henry is screaming. Even Sarah’s grandparents openly refer to me as the heathen, who say they pray for me in the hopes I will turn a corner. But today…this heathen is tired, thankful, and has a job to do…say the invocational prayer.

Each time I am asked to do so…I spend time reminding myself the purpose of this prayer and the context for those who hear the prayer.

I found an pretty good interpretation: (

An invocation prayer is a request for the spiritual presence and blessing of God in a ceremony or event. To invoke is to call upon earnestly, so an “invocation” in the context of prayer is a serious, intentional calling upon God. It is common for prayers of invocation to be offered publicly at the beginning of a church service or other Christian gathering. Such prayers call upon God to grant His presence in the worship, to bless the service or activity, and to hear the prayers of petition offered to Him.

Even though the night was freaking crazy…there is room beyond the manic disposition to find thankfulness. I found myself leading a congregation in prayer, as I weaved the words matching my own personal thankfulness.

Invocation 7/16/16 – Awareness…and thankfulness

Dear Lord….

Thank you…for this beautiful day here at Boulevard Baptist Church.

Today, dear Lord…please give us the awareness to be thankful…thankful for those around us that love us. From our families, friends, colleagues…to the communities that we serve and call home.

Thank you dear Lord for this church home that provides constant ministry and spiritual leadership in our daily lives.

Thank you dear Lord for cultivating a culture of community right here at the corner of Boulevard and the world.

Thank you dear Lord for the precious comfort knowing…that right around the corner from our little house on North Street sits something large than words…a community that truly cares about us.

Dear lord…continue to fill this church with the spirit of community, a connected growth of intentional stewardship, and commitment to the longevity of the mission right here at Boulevard.

It is my prayer that you prepare this congregation…this day…to hear your words more clearly…so that we will continue to find our communion of faith as strength, texture, and committed fellowship…here today…at the corner of Boulevard and the world.

It is in Christ’s name we pray to you today…