Don Oglesby via Homes of HopeHomes of Hope has a tremendous vision, providing opportunities for generational change throughout South Carolina. They do this in two ways, by rebuilding communities and rebuilding lives. But what does that really mean? In their 20th year of operations, they have developed 600 homes for families and helped over 300 men restore their lives. Their mission is to rebuild communities and individual lives through housing, economic and workforce development.

They build safe, affordable, and energy-efficient housing for low-to-moderate income families and/or individuals in South Carolina. They also lead a men’s development program which is a voluntary one-year residential job training and mentoring program for men overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

As a storyteller, I have been leading a team to help tell the Homes of Hope story for over 3 years. Their impact and the stories we find inside these programs has not only inspired our staff of digital storytellers, but has inspired so many people here in the Carolinas to grow this mission far beyond what President and CEO Don Oglesby ever imagined. This story is worth hearing and sharing!

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