Jeff and Amory ConeDo you know someone who has experienced infertility? This is one of those tough subjects to talk about not only in mixed company but also around family. It took Sarah and I years to have Rose, and when she was born in 2011, we experienced a miracle especially after three miscarriages. Around the same time, I was helping Greenville Health System tell some amazing stories in celebration of their centennial. This is when I met Jeff and Amory Cone.

We helped Greenville Health System produced this story in 2013 as an opportunity to help other families realize the amazing advancements available when faced with infertility challenges. Jeff and Amory shared their home, their story, and how their family changed after the magic moments of having their little girl Payton. Six years later, their family has grown with a little boy.

According to the CDC, about 10 percent of women in the United States, roughly 6.1 million women ages 15-44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant. Sarah and I along with Jeff and Amory shared similar experiences, facing the challenges of infertility. Close to six years later, I sat back down with Jeff and Amory to see how they are doing. I wanted to share our conversation as we compared our stories and the roads we traveled.

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