Sabrina Greenlee and S.M.O.O.O.T.H.
In the many years of telling stories of domestic violence victims and survivors, I have never interviewed someone who has described the actual details of their physical abuse with such specificity and granularity; where her injuries from her abuser were so visibly apparent. She was burned with acid and lost her vision.

There are so many intersections inside this story. Sabrina Greenlee is the mother of four children and grew up and raised her children in a little town outside Clemson University…Central, SC. I grew up right around the corner in Clemson. Her son is a former wide receiver star from Daniel High School, Clemson University, and now one of the leading receivers in the NFL playing for the Houston Texans. His name is DeAndre Hopkins.

I went to Daniel High School and worked for Clemson Football with her brother Terry Smith, former receiver who also played in the NFL for the Indianapolis Colts. He died from a domestic dispute. Sabrina has been surrounded by domestic violence all her life; and this is a story of a survivor, of a crusader, of a lady who embraces her scars to tell a larger story…to help women overcome and transition back into real world after a traumatic experience of domestic abuse.

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