Clemson University Mobile Health Clinic I never thought I would find myself taking a tour of a mobile health clinic, which is more of a visual tour, yet only recording the audio. But that is how this just so happened to transpire. After arriving to see this large vehicle, larger than the biggest Ryder truck, Dr. Paula Watt just wanted to show me around. So I hit record.

In part one of this Mobile Medicine series, Episode 017, I sat down inside the mobile health clinic and talked about the background and vision for the future. Sitting inside felt like more a small doctor’s office with lots of examination rooms side-by-side. By the way…if you have not listed to part one, I hope you go back and listen.

But in this episode, part two focuses on the magnitude of this mobile health clinic, both in size and impact. Trust me, when this mobile health clinic rolls up into your community…you will not miss it. You will think that the Clemson Football team is coming to play. It is a moving Clemson billboard with every possible amenity to serve the community’s health needs.

Join me as we take a tour, right inside the heart of the Clemson University’s campus.

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