Michael Bays - The Clemson Tiger

How many push-ups can you do at one time? I actually cannot remember doing a push-up in years! I wonder what it’s like to go down in the record books as the all time push up record holder…for this Tiger, it’s more than a record to beholden.

Michael Bays is one determined Tiger, literally. He was the Tiger, the actual Clemson University mascot during his years as an undergraduate student at Clemson University. He put on the uniform for the three whole years and was the central focus for every Clemson Football game during his time as the Tiger.

Being the Tiger at Clemson is more than just doing push-ups after every touchdown scored. It is more than being the face of a large division one university. It is more than just putting on the outfit. It is living the determined spirit for everyone that loves an institution located in Clemson, SC. It is truly about being a Clemson Tiger, and also living up to being THE Clemson Tiger.

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