Javier Perez of Buckner Ministries

Home is powerful word, powerful state of mind, and a sense of security for those across this United States of America fabric. In part one of this series examining the idea of home inside and outside our borders, we find ourselves in McAllen, Texas.

I visited McAllen, Texas in January 2017 on a trip with the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to examine and understand one of the largest cultural passages from Latin America into the United States. This is where we find Javier Perez, Director of National Missions & Humanitarian Aid for Buckner Ministries.

Javier not only serves the populations in Southern Texas, specifically children of immigrants and those who are migrating, but he is also an immigrant as well. He came to the United States from Colombia on a student visa for his education, but now has converted into a H1B visa as he works for Buckner Ministries in McAllen. He understands immigration, passage, home, and finds himself battling for his right to live in the US; as he helps those whom immigrate to this great nation to build a sustainable relationship for their future. Now his future is in jeopardy.

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