Morgan Loew reporting on the border in Nogales, Sonora

In 1998, I found myself in a new job, new city, new state, and really a whole new side of the country. This southern born and bred young adult from South Carolina found himself in Phoenix, Arizona working for, at-the-time, the flagship television station for Meredith Corporation. KPHO-TV5 is where I met Morgan Loew.

Phoenix is the fifth most populous city nationwide, the most populous state capital in the United States, and the only state capital with a population of more than one million residents. The history of the city of Phoenix begins with Jack Swilling, a Confederate veteran of the Civil War. In 1867, while traveling through the Salt River Valley, he saw a potential for farming.

Cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper were known locally as the “Five C’s” of Phoenix’s economy. Now it is a high-tech epicenter a few hundred miles north of the U.S.–Mexico. Morgan Loew grew up on the border and gave me my first experience with border towns, immigration, and migration. Now, his storytelling and reporting has created an epicenter of debate, discussion, and further contextualization of this international cultural war. We continue this journey was we examine the institution of “The Wall” in Beyond the Borders.

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