Santa Clause and Rosebud

I just believe…don’t you? It’s that time of the year where kids can be kids and so can us little adults. We just can’t hold it back, admit it…you get a little a little giddy when see jolly ole Kris Kringle. You have the yearning to go crawl up in his lap and share your greatest wish, each and every holiday season.

But there is only one Santa Claus. At-least every kid believes there is only one Santa and all the other Santa’s are … well … just fake Santas. But I was able to catch-up with ole Saint Nick…he invited me to his temporary home on the lake in Townville, SC. Just a short stop-over before heading back to the north pole for the last push before Christmas.

It was Christmas 2014, I captured one of my most favorite images of Rosebud with Santa. It is this picture that is now hanging in our house during each and every Christmas holiday season. It is this picture that made me want to meet the man that made Rosebud’s eyes sparkle.

So…regardless if you believe in Santa, there is one thing for sure … Santa’s helper named Charlie Jordan believes. He believes so that others may continue to believe.

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