From the moment I met him…I just started laughing. Not because he always wears a bowtie, I like bowties and I wear them constantly. Not because of his cool, unique, circular glasses; because I just recently started wearing glasses and I wanted something cool. 

I start laughing because he is always laughing, smiling, and trying to make other people laugh. This former military serviceman who found his career in higher education one day just gave it all up and start a career in comedy. Are you laughing yet? Well, the people that pay him to make them laugh certainly get what they pay for…a man of wisdom and pizzazz delivered on a plate full of laughter, full enough to make your see life in a new perspective.

This is the heart of Mike Goodwin and I hope he brings just a little bit of laughter in your life, because his story is like all of ours…we just want to make a difference in the world. Some just have the guts and the laughs to do it!

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