I believe there are certain people in your life that provide you the mentoring and leadership necessary to succeed. We are all blessed with God given natural talents, but there are only certain people who fully maximize that talent and share it with the world. 

Serial entrepreneurs are a special breed of people; true serial entrepreneurs. These are people who combine the ability to leverage their God given natural talent and courage to keep stepping up to the plate and swing for the stars. But the most successful serial entrepreneurs know which pitch to zero in on, stare down, and take that mighty swing.

Leighton Cubbage grew up in Sumter, SC and from the moment he left his football career on the Clemson gridiron, he started swinging hard. Leighton has hit it big, many times, taking lots of calculated risks, and investing in places no one could imagine. He slept in the office and on the road for months when it was time to make sales necessary to fulfill dreams and passions. But it all started with this one phone call from his Daddy, words he needed at a crucial time in his life.

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