You never know when you are going to meet such an old soul, a person with just a sense of wisdom that undoubtedly resonates with your viewpoint on life. I met Tammy one morning while working on a project for our friends at Welvista.

Founded in 1991, Welvista is a 501(c)3 organization that helps uninsured and underserved South Carolinians gain access to essential health services while reducing the long-term costs of health care that result from untreated conditions. In 2016, Welvista filled more than 169,000 free prescriptions in the treatment of chronic disease.

Tammy is a recipient of Welvista prescription assistance program. Tammy is one of 250,000 plus people in South Carolina who is uninsured. Tammy and I share something in common, we both have asthma and rely on medication to keep it under control. Since I have insurance, my medication is little to no costs. For Tammy, this is hundreds of dollars per month; money that is being used for rent, utilities, and livelihood. Here is our conversation.

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