Roger Cicala likes gadgets but most of all, he loves photography. This former physician fell in love with photography and built a nationwide photography rental business because of one lens he purchased. Yes, it was a Canon lens, one of those beautiful white, prime lenses.

After purchasing this $5000.00 lens for a picture he wanted to capture, he found himself with an asset he only used a few times year. So he decided to rent it and from the living room of his house he grew a multi-million dollar business that not only rents photography equipment, but ventures into other arenas including testing lenses for NASA, testing lens and camera for accuracy, and even giving back to his medical roots.

But what is so fascinating about of Roger as an entrepreneur, he has a venture he wants to dust off and find a group willing to partner. He has a way to photograph injuries of domestic violence victims using a special technology that could help law enforcement build a case against their abusers. Roger and I have many intersections and I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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