Is printing newspapers a dead enterprise? You better ignore the national narrative because John Garrett has a message you want to hear. John Garrett started Community Impact Newspaper from the game room of his home with his wife and best friend, Jennifer. The belief that everyone—not just the insiders—should know what is happening in their own backyard. This prompted him to leave a news giant and start his own news organization…print first.

Community Impact has a mission, to build communities of informed citizens and thriving businesses through collaboration of a passionate team. John is beyond passionate. He believes in covering basic areas like city and county council meetings, local business news, and local news that and gives a community information about their community. Bottomline, he is doubling down on national media companies purchasing local newspapers who then aggregate national news into their reporting. He believes in local first!

His success is bigger than the 26 print editions, the 45 communities covered, and the 2 million in total circulation…he is focused and has a strong faith that he shares openly inside and outside the walls of his business. I hope you enjoy our conversation!

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