Case Study: Creativity – Tigers United and the Creative Editing Process

Creativity | Community | Clients: 3C’s Case Study
This is a 3C’s Case Study examining the creative approach and creative editing process when producing the Tigers United University Consortium video project.


The Tigers United University Consortium was initiated by Clemson University President James P. Clements, who also serves on the Global Tiger Initiative Council. Comprised of business and conservation leaders, this international council assists the Global Tiger Forum in saving remaining populations of wild tigers, with a goal of doubling tiger numbers in the wild by 2022, which is the next Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar.

Through the consortium, the four universities combine their expertise in academic disciplines important to tiger conservation and protection—wildlife management, engineering, environmental science, conservation social science, veterinary medicine, communications, and eco-tourism, to name a few. With more than one university approaching the problem, the odds of success increase.

Tigers United Promotional Video

Goal of Project

Rettew Creative was contact by Tigers United University Consortium to create a promotional video showcasing their passion in saving remaining populations of wild tigers. The purpose of this promotional video was to show potential donors, external stakeholders, and potential partners why this initiative was critical and time sensitive. There was one big hurdle, we could only use content Clemson University and their partners had captured previously.


All of the content for this project was already captured including the interviews, broll footage, and imagery. Most of the broll footage was captured overseas using prosumer cameras and the interview was captured using Clemson University Video Production Services. Rettew Creative had to review all the content, create a narrative, and produce a video within a month.

This project showcased the ability work with the client virtually. All content was electronically transferred to Rettew Creative electronically. All planning, storyboarding, editing, and revisions were done virtually by using phone calls, email, Zoom calls, and Vimeo’s client review tools. All interactions with this project were done virtually.

Podcast Interview: Tigers United Project Coordinator Rachelle Beckner

Rachelle Leigh Beckner is a very passionate person, yet did not expect to find her passion in saving tigers until she arrived at Clemson. This former journalist found her way into the classroom teaching and into the wild saving tigers, representing four land grant institutions.