Case Study: Creativity: Cromer & Company Real Estate Imaging

Creativity | Community | Clients: 3C’s Case Study
This is a 3C’s Case Study examining the creative approach when capturing real estate images for Cromer and Company’s feature property listings

Cromer and Company is a real estate company located in Anderson, SC. Their mission is “dedicated to providing excellent, professional, honest and responsible service,” with a commitment to “exceed expectations and communicate at the highest level, while continuously growing an energetic, top producing Real Estate company.” Cromer and Company provides real estate services to both the buyer and the seller with property listings in Anderson and Pickens Counties.

Rettew Creative was excited to partner with Cromer and Company, providing real estate imaging for their property listing needs. Bobby Rettew grew up watching first hand the real estate business with his grandfather Joe Bridwell, who served the upstate of South Carolina for over 50 years. Bobby spent years watching his grandfather representing his clients providing concierge level of service, whether they were part of a corporate relocation, buying or selling their homes, buying a second home, or taking part in a complex real estate transaction. Bobby learned from a young age what it takes to sell a home and how to showcase a quality property listing.

Goal of Project
Cromer and Company asked us to capture high quality photographic and arial imaging for their premiere listings. Rettew Creative was excited to expand their services into this new vertical, offering high quality real state photography, aerial photography, and video to this business community.

The goal for these projects was simple. Capture every angle of a property showcasing the value, warmth, and location for a potential buyer to see every angle through an interactive, online experience.

An example property listing was a lake property on 115 Barrett Circle, Anderson, SC. Rettew Creative captured the interior, exterior, and arial images to showcase the relationship between the property and the lake.

Rettew Creative approaches each property with two people and three cameras; capturing high quality, raw images.

For the 115 Barrett Circle property, we spent one hour on site with the seller. As as relationship focused business, we were able to represent Cromer and Company with courtesy and professionalism. We communicated our commitment to capturing the high quality images and spent time with the seller making sure their vision of the property was well represented.

Rettew Creative provides a semi-private online portfolio for the client to review the images. This allows the client to navigate to a specific web link to review the images and also download images needed for their listing. This portfolio uses a semi-private link only allowing the individual who has a special code matched with their email address to download the images.

Finally, Rettew Creative maintains a FAA License for drone operation and General Liability Insurance as required when flying a drone commercially.

Canon EOS 5Dmkiii – 24 Megapixel RAW
Canon EOS 5Dmkiv – 30 Megapixel RAW
DJI Mavic Pro – 12 Megapixel RAW for Aerial Imaging

Wide Angle Images – CANON 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM EF Lens
Medium Perspective Images – Canon 50mm f/1.2L USM EF Lens
Zoom for Tight Perspective Images – Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM EF Lens

The results are not only showcased in the images we captured; also the fact that the 115 Barrett Circle property was under contact one day after the property was listed.

We hope you take a few minutes to review the images!

Property Listing Link: CLICK HERE

Portfolio of Images: CLICK BELOW