Henry Joseph Rettew and his name sake! #twinslife

His name is Joe Bridwell. He is my mom’s dad, who past away in March 2011. I called him Pop. I am the oldest grandchild on my mom’s side with my mom being the oldest living child of my grandfather’s. As I was thinking about Pop and Henry, I remembered what I said during his memorial service. I had to take the funeral home’s audio CD and have it transcribed so I could pull the exact words from that day. What I found is what I said straight from the heart and matches all the reason Henry Joseph Rettew was named partly for my Pop. I took those words and edited some to bring context to path down memory lane.

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Our little alarm clocks. #twinslife

What is your alarm clock? How do you wake up in the morning? When Sarah and I were married, she brought an alarm clock that has the most un-godly sound. When it goes off, it can wake someone from the deepest of sleeps.

Sarah has always set this clock ten minutes ahead, it is an attempt not to be late…yet ten minutes ahead. I think it is a comfort zone, giving us the sense of control that we can stay on time…even though we know that we are ten minutes ahead. I think it is our false sense of security…ssshhhsss…she might get think I am being snarky! 🙂

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