it is time for a change…in this post 40 era

For the last few years…my blog has been dedicated to so many different arenas from digital marketing, storytelling, content marketing, client stories, and many other narratives leveraged for business. I am changing my writing!

It is time for a change *and* time to start writing my heart. For so long I have held back my personal struggles, beliefs, moments of glory…narratives that make me real. It is time to write for me and to share the stories that need to be shared.

As a young father who is now learning what it means to live in a post 40 world, my life is changing rapidly. I am learning what it really means to be a father, a husband, and son, and provider, and most importantly a writer. I have found my gift later in life and it is the ability to bring narratives to life. It is time to share my narrative.

As a man who is the product of divorced upbringing, a husband who watched his wife loose her mother to breast cancer and witness her death, to a father who could have had four children (three lost to miscarriages), business person who suffered through the 2008 economic nose dive and barely survived, a former journalist who has witnessed/captured national and international tragedies first hand…it is time to share.

Life with Rose and Sarah is amazing…and so are the struggles and celebrations that are the textured wrinkles in my daily skin, I call life.

I look forward to sharing many narratives that truly reveal my hopes to be a better man!