Stories are made up of little micro-moments.

I have been thinking about this picture for a few days now. This little moment in time while hiking through the village of Cange. We had walked to the top of one of the peaks where a water cistern was located. As we were looking at the flowing water coming into the cistern, I heard a little baby crying. I looked over and noticed this mother holding her child. Many times when I capture images, I try to make sure the person I capture acknowledges that I am taking their picture. This mother and I looked at each other, I think she could tell I was a father.

The children of Cange captured my heart, even this little one’s cute little cry. As we made eye contact, I raised my camera and pointed at the little baby. She nodded and smiled…then I capture this moment. As I look at this image, I think about this moment in time when communication is more than breaking the barriers of the spoken language, it is facial communication and even little gestures like a smile. She knew I wanted to take her picture and she obliged by stopping, posing, and holding up here little one.

Stories are made up of little micro-moments, it is up to us storytellers to capture and share these micro-moments for others to contextualize these experiences. #Canon #5Dmkiii

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