Dirt-bikes and caskets…strange combination in Cange, Haiti!

One of the more interesting moments in Cange, Haiti happened completely out-of-nowhere, literally. While were in Haiti, everyone had a motorcycle or a dirt bike. Haitians would ride three and four at a time on these dirt bikes.

At the top of the mountain near Cange, you would expect people to drive slowly up and down the mountain. That was not the case, dirt bikes racing up and down the mountain with three and four people riding. Kids even played in the streets like they were our front yards, no fear of speeding dirt bikes and cars. Traveling with dirt bikes was completely common for a family.

At first I was a little taken back when I watched a family of five ride past me on a dirt bike, but I slowly adapted to this method of travel. But when I noticed two men walking down the mountain to the road with a casket, I was not expecting what happened next!

First of all, the men were smiling and laughing…so I assumed there was nothing in the casket? Well…I have no idea. Even the contents of this story surprise me. Was they made their way to the road from the step hill, what happened next was amazing. There was a dirt bike waiting in the middle of the road, and I thought…there is no way!

Yep…they made their way to the dirt bike, and proceeded to balance the weight of the casket on the back of the dirt bike. Then, when the casket found itself level…one of the men climbed on the very back of the dirt bike and off they went up the mountain.

The Haitians have tremendous balance, carrying large items on their heads. But this balancing act I will never forget…the day a dirt bike carried a casket and two other men up a mountain. #HaitianMoment


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