6 Sticks, 2 Pricks, and 1 BIG MELTDOWN! #2MonthShots #TwinsLife

One of my favorite pictures from today is Dr. Hart holding George. George and Henry are two months old today, how appropriate for them to have their two month appointment the same day, August 10, 2017.

First of all, I can’t believe they are two months old. Second, if their were born on their original due date (July 31st), they would not even be two weeks old today. Here we are getting their two month shots.

I remember a few weeks ago, we were talking with some friends who have twins and they shared some advice. We are so glad we listened. She took her twin girls to get their two month shots by herself, and it was a nightmare. One parent to manage two little ones whole are both crying after getting stuck three times. We knew we had to plan accordingly.

As the alarm signaled at 6am, I jumped up to go start my early morning shift. Sarah takes the 3am shift to feed the boys and typically sleeps on the couch. This morning, I woke up with Sarah in the bed beside me for the first time since we came home from the hospital. They slept good last night before and after their 3am feeding.

I had to jump up and work quick because both needed to be fed, changed, and in car seats for their 8:15am doctors appointment. We also had to get Rosebud ready, she was very clear she wanted to join us for this doctors appointment. We explained to Rose that this appointment may not be fun and if she came with us, she needed to be a good big sister. They were getting their 2 month shots, it was going to be CRAZY with both of them getting shots in their little legs.

After bottles, Rose dressed and breakfast, and a quick shower…we loaded the car of five and off we went. As we drove down the road, I thought…will the purple people eaters come out this morning.

Their little personalities are so funny and completely falling in-line with many of the characteristics they showed from the moment we witnessed the first ultrasound. George is laid back and chill and Henry is a little diva. Henry always has an opinion and loves to stretch and spread out. George has always been smaller and today measures close to two pounds lighter that Henry.

On June 10th, the day of their birth, George weighed 3 lbs 13 oz and Henry weighed 5 lbs 3 oz. Today, George weighs 8 lbs 12 oz, gaining almost 5 lbs in 2 months; and Henry weighs 10 lbs 11 oz, gaining over 5 lbs 8 oz in 2 months. Henry has a new name…BUTTER. He is a little chunky monkey.

After Dr. Hart spent time examining both George and Henry and chatting up Rosebud, it was time for shots.


Sarah asked me which one I wanted, I chose George. She asked why…well, Henry is a diva and I thought he would scream the most. Sarah handles the screaming better than I do. I struggle when they quickly escalate from the red face to the purple people eater face…it rocks my nerves.

The nurses in Dr. Hart’s office have shots down to a science. They wait until the very last moment, come in, get all the bandaids and shots ready. We planned ahead and had bottles ready to go, it was feeding time.

Bottles ready, legs ready, nerves ready…and Rosebud watching…then….

STICK…STICK…STICK…. (Henry is done)

Rosebud watched the first shot, then covered her eyes…I do not blame you girl!

STICK…STICK…STICK… (George is done)

Then both get finger pricks to draw blood.

As I watched the nurses give Henry his shots, two in one leg and one in the other…he did not scream…he whimpered. It was super sad and actually brought tears to my eyes. But when George got his shots, he got mad, turned three shades of red and then the purple people eater came out briefly, then he remembered the bottle…and off he went sucking down as fast as he could.

We made the right decision for both of us to be there. Each of us could hold one while they were getting their shots, feed them, and console them afterwards. I could not imagine just one of us trying to manage both twins while both were getting multiple shots in each leg. You would have to either try to hold both or pick and choose which one to give attention.

Their little legs were covered with little colored bandaids…so sad. But…the best part about the day, it means in two weeks we will be able to take the twins out-and-about.

WOOHOO…August 24th we will be granted FREEDOM! This two week period allows the shots to take full effect.