Kelly Olexa

What does it mean to be a social media influencer? This is a question many of us “OLD SCHOOL” social media pioneers toss around while giggling under our breath. I guess it means you have more than 10,000 followers on the latest social media outlet. But seriously, what is a social media influencer? I want you to meet Kelly Olexa.

Kelly is the founder of FitFluential, a nationwide network of highly influential fitness, health and wellness fanatics sharing their journey online via social media. She has also just launched Socially Fit Services with the goal to meet the needs of businesses and individuals struggling with Digital, Social and Influencer Marketing.

She is probably the first true social media influencer, starting her journey in 2007 with a $600 camcorder and a YouTube channel. She had zero strategy and just put videos up of her “ramble-on-a-thons” daily and that’s it. No editing. No calls to action. No fancy graphics. Just Kelly, sweaty after her workouts sharing her ups and downs.

Suddenly, she had big brands reaching out to work with her as an ambassador including Sears, Polar heart rate monitors, Nike, even Ford with the Ford Fiesta Movement. From losing her job to working with big brands because of a camcorder and a YouTube channel, Kelly shares her story as one of the first true social media influencers!

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