Are you just a story deliverer, a pizza delivery guy?

If you are such a “Social Media” expert…are you a real storyteller or just a story deliverer? Hmm….can you really craft a story or are you just damn good at putting the story in the right hands.

sm-pizza-dudeWhat does a “Social Media” person really do? Do they craft a campaign or are they like the pizza delivery guy? They make money off of the refrequency and the effectiveness of the delivery but have nothing to do with the crafting of that pizza pie!

So what is so damn special about us peeps that love using social media…is their a place for us in the market place? Well….if we know how to tell really good stories and then know how to deliver them to the right people at the right time.

So in-order to move up from pizza delivery guy, you have to learn the craft of the delivery mechanism which helps you learn how these stories get in the right hands at the right time. You know that the pizza delivery guy understand when he/she walks up on that porch and can create a great customer experience. He hands over that well crafted pie…and the smell that emerges out of the insulated cover, from around the box reveals the aroma of perfection…one that places the delivery person front and center as the brand deliverer. Yep…they are the ones that get the tip!

So are we satisfied with just the delivery, the craft of placement? Well, we are the new age media planners and buyers. We use our open-source platforms to take stories, and place them in the market place at the the right time…for perfection. Sometimes we are too frequent, placing them all over….in too many different media delivery mechanisms. We flood the market place with our mass media because we want our people to listen.

If you order too much pizza, you get a freaking doubled over belly ache that leads a to a late night rush to the porcelain god!  Do we want this experience for our well crafted pizza pie?

So we haft to craft our delivery strategy.  This is when we move up from pizza delivery guy to pizza maker. We have to value the craft of the pie, the craft of the campaign. We have to put our heart into the message, moving away from being ‘technician’ to ‘practitioner’. The craft is too important to flood the market place…you want some demand.

It is ok to just be the deliverer of the message, if it is your craft…then master it oh swami of pizza delivery. But if you want to be a practitioner of the story, you have to create the story and understand the way that the pie is delivered each day!

So what is your story and how will you deliver it to your target market?

FYI…I know that I am talking about myself…I bet delivering pizzas is all I will do after publishing this post!