Sanders Says…Today We Are Rich!

It was not too long ago that I was in Chicago at SOBCON2011, listening to a great speaker…Tim Sanders. He really has me thinking lately and his book is the next on my list to read: Today We Are Rich.

Sitting in a room of close to 130 people at SOBCON, not knowing a sole, not evening knowing the background of most of the speakers…there were some passionate connections. Tim Sanders is one hell of a storyteller! His story began with a picture, one of his grandmother. His grandmother raised him and she is his inspiration today. He inspired me to think…to dig deep, and find my passion.

Here are the bullet points that I was jotting as he was speaking.

  • If you take the foot off the gas…you will go sideways.
  • Have to believe there is enough to go around.
  • You have a finite mind and use it accordingly.
  • You should be as judicious on what you put in your mind as you put into your mouth.
  • What do you park at the front door of your mind? Do you store lessons or successes?
  • Re-live a high-def experience where you succeeded.
  • Declare offline zones!
  • Get up and wait 30 minutes before getting online. In the first five minutes, spend time thinking of two people that you are grateful for from the day before.
  • Don’t believe your lucky.
  • Go create a ripple…integrate giving into what you do.

Tim’s Rules
1) Feed your mind good stuff
2) Take care of instrument
3) Exercise your gratitude muscle
4) Give to be rich

Lots of good stuff! Check out Tim’s Book by CLICKING HERE…I am looking forward to starting it!

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