Google Plus: Is it going to help your search results?

So…while trying to set-up my profile in Google Plus…I am trying to work through securing my profile name just like on Twitter and Facebook. Basically securing my own Google Plus URL with BobbyRettew. In the process of researching, I felt like my account had gone through all the initial set-up steps…so I thought I would Google myself to see if/how this new social network would appear in the search results.

This is what appeared above. Β It was the 4th item listed in the Google search results. Wow, below was my LinkedIn, Facebook, then Twitter account profiles (in respective order). So recap this, this is the order of what appeared in a Google search for “bobby rettew” after having a Google Plus account for 30 minutes:

  1. (My Website) – Established in 2008
  2. (My Business Blog) – Establish in 2009
  3. (The About Page on my Website) – Established in 2008
  4. Google Profile (Which is my Google Plus Account) – Google Profile established in 2008 and Google Plus in 2011
  5. LinkedIn (My LinkedIn Profile) – Established in 2007
  6. Facebook Account (My Personal Facebook Page/Profile) – Established 2007
  7. Twitter Account (My Twitter Profile) – Established in 2008

Notice the difference in dates of set-up and between Google Plus and the rest of the Social Networks, and how fast it generated a top search result. Look what information was presented for my Google Profile/Plus account:

It you notice, immediately people can see a few things:

  1. My Google Plus/Profile Picture
  2. Where I am located
  3. Where I am working
  4. My Tag Line
  5. Link to my Personal Blog
  6. Link to my Twitter Profile
  7. Link to my Website

All of this was immediately established based on the creation of Google Plus account. So…this immediately provides an immediate portal for people searching my name to the places to connect with me! Now, look at the order from left to right of the links below my tagline. They correspond to the order I created my links in my Google Plus account.

Ok…so now I get it. This is showing a direct relationships between my Google Profile/Plus account and how I can be found via a simple Google search. This has me thinking…thinking through the ROI for me of having an account. Now, have to figure out what the ROI might encompass from investing time in this new Social Network.

Tomorrow…I will release a post about Circles in Google Plus. It is pretty cool what you can do with these things!