Stacy Seegars Loves What He Does…Building Docks

I am not sure if many of you remember Stacy Seegars from the early 90’s? I had a WOW moment when I learned he was one of the inductees for the 2012 Clemson Athletic Hall of Fame. Well…I was just plain excited.

I just so happened to cross paths with Stacy when I was an undergrad at Clemson. We weren’t really fist bump tight…but I think we crossed paths a few times.

I worked for Clemson Athletics as a student. Starting my Freshman year…I worked in the Video Services Department helping shoot/edit practice and¬†game-day¬†video for football. I was out there for every practice, every game, every down for five years. Yes, I was on the five year plan.

I was a freshman in 1992 and Stacy was in his final seasons as an upperclassman. He played offensive line and he was an All-American and a heck of a football player.

As a young freshman, he scared me. Yep…I am not afraid to admit it. I was this little 135 pound freshman and here was this huge offensive lineman that looked like he could crush me with his pinky finger.

So when I drove to Ridgeland, SC to meet with him…I was a bit anxious. But once I pulled up and shook his hand, I thought what a great guy. Why did I not get to know him while were at Clemson in the early 90’s.

Here is a guy that still looks like he can play. His arms looked bigger than my whole head and very much in shape. Why…this All American is living the American Dream.

He lives on a lake and he has practically built everyone of the docks on this lake. Yes, he is a dock builder and loves everyday of it. He had a chance to play for the Seattle Seahawks…but after a week of training camp, he knew his place was somewhere else. And as he states in the video, “It is so much easier to go to work, when you love what you do everyday.” I agree!