Phil Robertson’s GQ Interview: Belief, Excited Utterance, or Social PR Stunt? #socialshare

So….was Phil Robertson’s statement during an interview with GQ a well oiled pr stunt, a statement of belief, an excited utterance, or just all the above.

Duck Dynasty is true pop-culture where some believe this A&E television has brought great christian values back into the living room. If you have watched the show…you know it is a mixture of down home humor and a display of christian values that surrounds a multi-million dollar dynasty.

Duck Dynasty does not grow to become a multi-million dollar brand without some smarts, entrepreneurial spirit, and careful business maneuvering. There is a reason why they have resigned their contract year after year with A&E (starting season five on January 15, 2014), they have a great story, great business, and a common place appeal that speaks to the masses.

Television Ratings (click here to see more)
Yes…it’s season-two finale brought 6.5 million viewers, 8.6 million views for season-three premier, 9.6 millions viewers for season-three finale, 11.8 million viewers during season-four premier, and 8.9 million viewers during it’s December 11, 2013 season-four finale. They are ramping up for their January 15, 2014 season-five premier. Hmm…this early Christmas statement has lots of people buzzing, chattering, searching, posting, and supporting the commander of this #DuckDynasty.

Google Searches
We know on December 19, 2013, a few days after the interview with GQ was released, that Google reports Phil Robertson’s name has been searched 1,000,000 times and is ranked with Hillary Clinton is the #1 most searched name for the day.

Social Impact
His name is listed as one of the Top Trending names on Twitter. People are changing their avatars on Facebook to Phil Robertson’s picture in support of Phil. From local television to national media outlets…they are cashing in on this topical issue with tweets and Facebook statuses inciting discussions to leverage Likes, follows, traffic, and social conversation.

People are having heated discussions online with polarizing statements creating long typing battles between dialing social accounts. The social chatter about Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty has dramatically broadened the brand awareness with one simple statement. The dynasty just got bigger.

Whether you agree, disagree, or just don’t care…you have been surrounded by this discussion from traditional media to your social news feeds. And the growing support may seem like social backlash for A&E or will they just be laughing to the bank? Why???

The Impact
So A&E announced a few days after Phil Robertson’s interview that he was indefinitely suspended from the show that represents Phil’s Duck Dynasty. Just think about it for a second. Over the next few weeks, the social outcry will be at a premium online and at the Christmas dinner table…that one time of the year with family is most important. What will happen on January 15, 2014…I bet their viewership numbers will dramatically increase and the social chatter will be at a premium.

If you read this article from AdAge, you will see how marketers were ready to go the moment season-three’s premier aired with their social response lab…watching unbelievable trends.

At 9:40, 20 minutes before the premiere, “Duck Dynasty” tripled the social mentions of “American Idol,” which was airing live.

From AdAge
Applause broke out at 10:19 p.m. when #DuckDynasty began trending, and a few minutes later #Jack and #MissKay also became trending topics.

One meme received 57,000 likes on Facebook in just 11 minutes.

“Duck Dynasty” brought in a total of 8.6 million viewers for the premiere, making it A&E’s most watched telecast of all time.

“Duck Dynasty” was the No. 1 most-social TV show for the night, according to Trendrr, surpassing “American Idol” in total volume. The “Duck Dynasty” Twitter handle had nearly 30,000 new followers from 9 p.m. last night until this morning. At one point during the night @DuckDynastyAE was getting 300 new followers per minute, according to the social-response lab team.

So…get ready for a Christmas filled with debate about traditional family values and Duck Dynasty. This one dynasty is not only challenging what is “pop-culture”, but it is using it’s influence to create a whole new dynasty. Specifically to cash in for potentially one of the most profitable statements in A&E’s history. Watch out Sister Wives!

Guess what…all of this driven by the social share!

*Image from GQ Article with Phil Robertson Interview