What is the DNA of a good storyteller?

Anyone have any thoughts? Hmm…so I have been thinking about this for a bit! What is the DNA of a “good” storyteller?

Hmm…well my first thought: they create great content. Yeah…so what is great content and how can we equate great content with a great storyteller?

In the world of digital communications…how do we create content that is sticky and feels connected.

I read a great little blog post by Holly Potter and it has me thinking just a bit…here is an excerpt:

“More and more we’re hearing that “content is king,” “content is the new social currency,” and “content is the center of communications.” What is content? To us, it’s a great story, a memorable message or a shared experience. We want to help craft these stories in an authentic and compelling way, and we want to share them with the world. The only difference with telling brand stories today versus five or even two years ago is that these stories can now be multidimensional­ with, images, videos, animation, infographics and editorial. Change in the media medium is inevitable and attention spans may be depleting, but the value of good storytelling stays the same.”

We can write for SEO, we can create beautiful graphics, we can do all the things that make budgets look good…

BUT…inspiring people to write and share passionately is HARD. So here is the question…how do we inspire people to tell their story and what does that look like, feel like, sound like?

Here is my response to Holly:

To tell great stories, create great content, empower a great community, can we then begin leveraging that community in this “marketing” arena? This is what brings “value” to the storytelling initiative in the digital space…the great blend between storytelling and marketing. The fun part is finding/balancing the ethical tension between community building and marketing.

So who are the really good storytellers in this digital arena? Those who know how to create great content, yet market that content to generate a marketable result?

*BTW…I “stole” the image above from Holly’s blog and altered it a bit. 🙂