we are humans…stupid! #storytelling


Love this quote from Gary V:

“I am only interested in one thing…the thing that binds us all together…always and forever our job is to tell our story…”

“The way you make real money…the way you make real impact…the way things get changed is by great storytelling…it has always been that way and it will always be that way…because i do not know if you guys heard and we are f&cking human beings and that is what we like.”


In that same thought…love this from the Brains on Fire blog post from 2009

“The fanstastic thing is that there are fundamental principals of being a human that will never change. One of which is that we are social beings. And we crave interaction. More so face-to-face than online. I really believe that is something that will never change. Because the technology might advance, but us being humans won’t.”


Telling great stories are like pealing back an onion…one layer at a time. A great story is one that connects those layers bringing texture to the experience…raising the hairs on the back of your neck.

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