Storytelling is a part of our DNA…including our selfies!


It has surrounded me…from the very beginning, I have always had a camera in my hand. The picture above is the first picture I ever captured…how ironic it is my first selfie.

Yes, it is a picture of me the summer after the 6th grade. I was attending the Summer Classes of SC Governor School for the Arts. One thing we learned…how to build a camera out of a small box of Quaker Oats. Yes, I built the camera that took this picture using a Quaker Oats box…a simple pin-hole camera.

We also learned how to develop the negative, create a positive, then mount the image for display. It all started in the 6th grade and all the thanks goes to my 6th grade art teacher Mrs. Posten. She wrote the recommendation for me to spend my summer at the Governors School for the Arts.

Here I am…still using cameras to tell stories! ┬áDamn I am having a good time!