Do you have a little over 13 minutes? #storytelling


Many wonder if storytelling is alive and well during primetime television especially with news organizations. I have been a huge fan of 60 minutes for years. One of the main reasons…their ability to tell a wonderful story combining so many story-lines into one final piece.

This story was not only shot well, written well, produced well…but it crosses so many cultural divides bringing something so tangible to our hearts.

Can you pick out the tremendous moments only revealed through the interview process…then carefully delivered at the right moment? I have watched this story numerous times not on Sunday evenings during 60 Minutes but also online.

The producers were able to break down language barriers, capture lots of moments, and weave this story together in a fashion that makes you forget…that is is close to 14 minutes long.

One of my favorites…”Joy in the Congo”!